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Why Your Home Network MUST be Secured

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For many of us, the thought of our home network is an afterthought at best.  Far too often we tell our friends or associates – or even those in the IT department at work – that we have nothing to hide, there is nothing that I have that someone else would care about.

In today’s reality, though, you have many things that someone would like to have, and I’m here to tell you why the little things matter.

Five Reasons your home network must be secure

  1. Your Identity. According to, the number of people that have had their identity stolen is approximately 15 million people per year, totaling around $50 Billion dollars. While there have been instances of Identity Theft outside of the home, most people do their banking in their home, so securing your home network is a must because of that.
  2. Your safety within the home. Smart Home Technology is increasing each and every day. You can use your SHT devices to secure your home, adjust your lights, regulate your heating and cooling, monitor the job your babysitter is doing, and more.  The vast majority of that runs right off of your Wi-Fi network.  Improperly secure your home network, and you are setting yourself up for potentially risky situations down the road.
  3. To prevent your network from being used for illegal activity. In one of my training classes, I remember the instructor talking about how a man was arrested under child pornography laws. The only way that he was cleared of the charges was because he was away from the home network where the activity took place.  What law enforcement found was that the man’s home network was not secure, and the person that was actually spreading the child pornography was parked in his car on the street, connected to the improperly secured network.  Not having his home network secured almost cost that man dearly.
  4. To prevent virus propagation from your network to other devices. In the early days of computers, viruses were written by disgruntled employees who had a bone to pick with their employer. They would spread the virus in the work network with the sole purpose being to ruin a computer so it couldn’t be used.  In today’s computing environment, though, the focus has shifted from destroying a computer or a network to using that network or computer to spread the virus to other unsuspecting users.  Quite often, hackers will hop through an unsecured home network in order to try and hide their activities, and to point the finger at the person who is on that network more – namely, the unsuspecting home user.
  5. To protect your children from online predators. With all of our connected technology, reaching the internet is easier than ever. Smartphones, tablets, computers, even TVs and refrigerators all provide an easy access to the internet.  Protecting your home network is the first step, but certainly not the only step, in making sure that your children are safe online.

These are just some of the reasons why it is crucial that your home network be secured from intruders. If you are unsure of what steps to take in securing your home network – or if you have any other computer issues you need help with, Tech Solutions NC can help.  Reach out to me by phone at 919-606-6725, email at, or book an appointment on our website. We can help you secure your network, keep your computer working properly, and so much more!

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