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Phishing Attempts from Friends: What to do

This morning I received a phishing attempt from a person I know, albeit not very well.  Martha is a church friend, someone that I’ve met on a handful of occasions, but not one that I would expect to receive email from that wasn’t directly related to a project at church.  This morning, though, I received […]

Beware of Phony Tech Support!

Yesterday I received from the North Carolina Department of Justice Alert mailing list a warning — to beware of phony tech support.  The ruse is elaborate and devious, and can cost you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars if you fall victim.  Here’s the email I received: Phony tech support and overpayment: two scams in one […]

Phishing Attacks — is there any way to prevent them?

{Editor’s Note: Today we conclude our look at Phishing Attacks, and focus on what we, as internet users, can do to prevent receiving them at all. Click the links to read part one and part two of this series.} Phishing Attacks — is there any way to prevent them? Written by Mike Ellis. Over the […]

Phishing Attacks — how do I detect them?

{Editor’s Note: We continue our look at Phishing Attacks.  Yesterday, we talked about what a phishing attack is. Click here to read part one.} Phishing Attacks — how do I detect them? While phishing attacks are extremely common in today’s internet environment, the fortunate reality is that the vast majority of phishing attack emails that […]

Phishing Attacks — what are they?

phish – verb “to try to obtain financial or other confidential information from Internet users, typically by sending an email that looks as if it is from a legitimate organization, usually a financial institution, but contains a link to a fake website that replicates the real one.” ~ from dictionary.com In the connected world that […]