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Tackling IT Administration from a MacBook Pro

Recently, I was given the opportunity here at Tech Solutions NC to try out a brand new MacBook Pro as part of a focus group.  This is something that really intrigued me, so I signed up for it.  Last week, I received the MacBook Pro, and am now in the process of testing it out. […]

Beware of Phony Tech Support!

Yesterday I received from the North Carolina Department of Justice Alert mailing list a warning — to beware of phony tech support.  The ruse is elaborate and devious, and can cost you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars if you fall victim.  Here’s the email I received: Phony tech support and overpayment: two scams in one […]


Patching your computer – what’s the big deal?

When it comes to your computer, regardless of the platform, it’s only as good from a security standpoint as it’s latest patch.  Patching your computer is a crucial component to our defense-in-depth policy for staying secure in today’s online environment, so let’s go into greater detail why patching your computer is important. As computer programs […]

Why having a home firewall isn’t enough security

Why having a home firewall isn’t enough security. By Mike Ellis. Having a firewall for your computer, as discussed in my post on the security settings you need enabled on your computer, is a must for any computer system. However, while having a home firewall is good, it’s not enough security. Today, I’m going to […]

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What Security Settings do you need enabled on your computer?

What Security Settings do you need enabled on your computer? By Mike Ellis. Before you enter your credit card on a website to make that purchase, there are things you look for that tell you that it is okay to safely do so.  Your web browser — whether it be Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft […]