Tech Solutions NC Featured,LinkedIn,Security,Tech Solutions How do you know who to trust to work on your computer?

How do you know who to trust to work on your computer?

Who do you trust with your computer

Trust. Integrity. Reliance. Faith.

When it comes to the matter of your computer, perhaps the biggest determining factor on who should service your system really comes down to trust.  Experience is a big key, of course — you wouldn’t want someone who never turned on a computer to troubleshoot your issues, after all — but more than anything, when it comes to working on your computer, you have to have trust that the team working on your system will fix the problem, not introduce any other issues onto it, and most importantly, will not invade your privacy. As we mentioned in our post about why your home network must be secure, privacy issues are a key player in securing your environment.

So when your computer is acting up, who do you call, and why do you call them? There are probably a million answers to that question, such as:

  • My relative who “knows” computers.
  • Geek Squad, because they are at Best Buy and I can look at a new computer while they look at my computer and tell me that it’s old and needs to be replaced.
  • My IT Department at work, because they obviously know these things and I know them.
  • The first name that comes up in my Google search results.
  • The company that I find in the Yellow Pages.

The possibilities go on and on.

So, the nuts and bolts question of the day: “Why should you trust Tech Solutions NC to help you and solve your computer issues for you?

That simple question with a complex answer could take a year to write, but I’ll try to answer that question quicker than that.

  1. My partner, Hardin Sigmon of Sigmon Construction is a man known in the community as a man of integrity. Hardin has been my friend, my mentor, my Bible Study leader for five years now. If you trust Hardin, you can transfer that trust on to me, because I won’t let you — or him — down.
  2. My faith. Being a Christian, I know firsthand that we all fall short, whether we are saved or not. However, I have learned over the years that the Truth is paramount.  If I make a mistake on something, I will own up to it, and I will make it right. I stand by my word, for that’s the one thing that I truly have control over.
  3. My upbringing. My parents raised my sister and I to be truthful, caring people, and my wife’s parents did the same thing with her and her siblings. My wife and I, in turn, are passing on those character traits to our rising High School Sophomore.  The big key here is that we are only as good as our word — something that far too much of the world has forgotten.
  4. Lastly, my experience in over 22 years of Information Technology work has prepared me for just about any possibility. However, the one thing that I promise you here, now, and forever, is this — if you call on me for a service, and we aren’t able to get it right for you, then we’ll keep at it until it is right — guaranteed!

At the end of this post, the one final thought I want to leave you with is this:

Thank you for reading my post, and for considering Tech Solutions NC when you have a computer issue. Give us an opportunity, we won’t disappoint you!

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