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Changing Permalinks in WordPress

Changing your Permalink Structure For many bloggers just starting out, when we first setup our blogs, we may select to include the year and month (and sometimes even day) in the title of your blog posts. So, for example, on my site “My Dreams of Disney”, I have a blog post that is this permalink: […]


Troubleshooting mail delivery woes

When E-Mail Delivery doesn’t work Have you ever run into this problem? You are sending an email to someone, they don’t receive it, and you don’t receive any sort of bounce message? No delayed delivery notice, no unknown user bounce, nothing at all to help troubleshoot the problem? That happened to me yesterday, and there […]

Solid State Drive

Upgrading your laptop to a Solid State Drive

Have you ever been intrigued by the idea of opening up your laptop, taking the hard drive out, and replacing it with something else entirely?  In today’s post, I’m going to talk about the process I used to replace the hard drive that came with the laptop when I bought it — a 5400RPM 1 […]

Outlook 2016

Saving a Contact Group in Outlook 2016

Have you ever received an Outlook 2016 contact group from someone and weren’t sure how to handle saving it into your contacts so that you could use it?  I know that I have, and others I’ve worked with have as well.  You would think it would be as simple as opening the group (which usually […]